June 2019

MONDAY July 1, 2019 A Push Press (5x3):*work up to 85-90% of 1RM B 6 min AMRAP:10 Thrusters (75/55#)10 Up Downs Over Bar- 2 min rest - 5 min AMRAP:8 Thrusters (95/65#)10 Up Downs Over Bar- 2 min rest - 4 min AMRAP:6 Thrusters (105/75#)10 Up Downs

THURSDAY June 21, 2019 A Back Squats (5x5):*work up to 75-80% of 1RM B Tabata:PistolsRing RowsSitups*score: lowest rep count for each exercise- 3 min rest - C 6 min to find heaviest:Power Clean and Jerk D Accessory:Strict Toes to Bar (3x8)

TUESDAY June 25, 2019 A Front Squat (5x5):*work up to 75-80% of 1RM B 5x2 min AMRAP:15 Wallballs (20/14#)Run 100mWith the rest of the time, AMRAP: Burpees*1 min rest in between rounds*score: total Burpees C Accessory50 Unbroken Double Unders*if learning/practicing, do 30 Double Unders

MONDAY June 24, 2019 A Deadlift (5x5):*work up to 75-80% of 1RM B 8x of 30:30 of:1st: Double Unders2nd: Pull-Ups- then -8x, 30:301st: Shuttle Runs (door to door)2nd: Air Squats*scores: total reps for EACH exercise*:30 on / :30 off C AccessoryRing Scap Pull-ups +Ring Kips (3x10+5)

THURSDAY June 20, 2019 A Fight Gone Bad:Handstand Push-UpsBox Jumps (24/20")Deficit Reverse LungesLying Leg Raises*3x, 1 min at each station*score: total reps for each round- 2 min. rest - B Core Tabata:Hollow HoldArch Hold*8x, :20 on / :10 off*score: lowest rep count of each exercise

MONDAY June 17, 2019 A Bar Muscle Up Accessory:1a. Bar Muscle Up Kip w/Box (3x5)1b. Bar Hang w/False Grip (3x:5 sec)2a. Band Pull down w/Hollow Hold (3x10)2b. Dips/Box Dips (3x5) B Tabata:DB Power Cleans (50/35#)Double UndersToes to Bar*8x, :20 on / :10 off*score: lowest rep