July 2019

WEDNESDAY July 31, 2019 A Accessory Work:1a. Banded Face Pulls (3x10)1b. Banded Reverse Flies (3x10)1c. Handstand Hold (3x:10)2a. Good Mornings (3x8)2b. Russian Twists (3x20) B FGB:10m Shuttle RunsDB Step Ups (20/16", 50/35#)Toes to Bar*3 rounds, 1 min at each station*score:

TUESDAY July 30, 2019 A Skill Work:Jerk Drive (5x3)*work at 90-100% of 1RM*practice vertical extension and receiving bar correctly*DON'T go heavy if you need to practice re-racking the barShoulder Press in Spilt (3x8)*30-40% of 1RM B 4x :30 Work / :30 Rest of:HSPURKBS (70/53#)Goblet SquatsSitups*score:

WEDNESDAY July 24, 2019 A Skill Work:Push Jerk: (5x3)Weighted Lunges (4x8 each leg)Inverted KB Walk (3xLOG each arm) B FGB:Wallballs (20/14#)Box Jump Overs (24/20")Row (cal)*3 rounds, 1 min at each station*score: total reps of each round C MobilityPosterior Chain FlossBanded Hip Extension

TUESDAY July 23, 2019 A Skill Work:Clean Pull: (3x3)*working sets at 60, 70 and 80% of 1RMTempo Front Squat: (5x3)*work up to 60-70% of 1RM*try to do at least 3 sets with working weight*:03 descent, fast ascent B 12 min. AMRAP:30 Double Unders5 Toes to

MONDAY July 22, 2019 A Skill Work:Snatch Deadlift: 5(2+2)*work at 75-80% of 1RMMuscle Snatch (4x3)*work at 40% of 1RM B For time:4x10 Goblet Squats (50/35#)20 Alt. DB Snatches10 Single Arm DB OH Situps100m Suitcase Carry C MobilityRollout: Lats/Midback

FRIDAY July 19, 2019 A 1/2 Tabata:Plate Crunches (45/25#)Arch HoldPlate Russian TwistsHollow HoldPlate Knee Tucks*4 rounds each exercise, :20 on / :10 off*score: lowest rep count B For time:Run 100m:30 restRun 200m1:00 restRun 400m1:30 restRun 800m1:30 restRun 400m1:00 restRun 200m:30 restRun 100m C Mobility