About Crossfit Signal HIll

CrossFit Signal Hill (CFSH) was founded by Phil Sarris and has steadily grown into a pillar of the Signal Hill community. Phil founded CFSH with two young interns, Jaime Bigornia and Axel Rael-Sato, who were then students at California State University, Long Beach. With collective determination and vision, they opened their doors in 2011 and have exemplified commitment to improving overall health for over 5 years. These two interns have now grown into powerhouses within the CrossFit community and savvy business owners. Now joined by a new partner, Chad Curtis, these three have assumed ownership of CFSH and are flourishing with a strong and vibrant membership community, carrying on Phil’s legacy.

In todays oversaturated fitness market, CFSH has thrived by cultivating a fun, results driven method. While creating a fool-proof system, we provide the right support and accountability to ensure that all our members crush their desired goals. Their relentless focus on the members experience has created a dynamic environment where fun, results, laughter and sweat are inseparable.

What makes CFSH different from all the other CrossFit gyms in the area? We could attempt to put it into words what makes us unique, but we feel our community is something that needs to be experienced to be appreciated. Come see what we have to offer, feel the desire and commitment to health and vitality in our membership, and experience the community bond that makes the blood, sweat and physical exertion feel like play!

Jaime, Chad and Axel

Leadership Team of CrossFit Signal Hill


CrossFit Signal Hill

Owner / CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Jaime was born and raised in the Philippines and moved to Long Beach, CA with his family in 2003. After acclimating with his new surroundings and culture, he attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School, where he discovered his desire to compete in athletics, playing badminton, wrestling, and eventually finding his love of rugby.

Owner / CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Born and raised in Kona, Hawaii, Axel started coaching in 2011 here at CrossFit Signal Hill and has been with us since its inception. He has been a major contributor to its steady growth and has now accrued over 5,000 hours of coaching experience.

Owner / CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

As the Health and Mindset Coach, he works with the CFSH community and in his private practice with people all over the world to develop powerful visions of the transformation they desire and provide them with the right system, support and accountability to make lasting changes in their life.