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Chad was raised in Northern California and joined the US Navy’s Nuclear Power Program as a high school graduate. He served in the nuclear submarine force for 8 years, succumbing to the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle. Upon separating from the military in 2000, he moved to Long Beach to pursue a career in the Aerospace/Defense Industry. At age 38, he found himself 60 lbs. overweight and was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and alcoholic fatty liver disease. He was an overworked aerospace professional during the week and partied like a rock star on the weekends. This lifestyle began to take its toll. During that fateful doctors visit he was prescribed blood pressure and cholesterol lowering medication that he would need to take for the rest of his life.

Western medicine and doctors offered no preventive solutions other than prescription drugs and he knew he was on his own if he wanted to truly heal his body. Through a ton of research and effort, he made significant lifestyle changes that produced dramatic results, including becoming a member of CrossFit Signal Hill. After years of passionate research in psychology, nutrition, and optimal performance he decided to turn his passion into practical knowledge for the real world. He joined the CFSH ownership team in 2016 as their full time certified Health & Mindset Coach and obtained his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certificate in 2018.

Now, as the Health and Mindset Coach, he works with the CFSH community and in his private practice with people all over the world to develop powerful visions of the transformation they desire and provide them with the right system, support and accountability to make lasting changes in their life.


  • Certified Health & Mindset Coach

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