Work Out of the Day

WEDNESDAY November 13, 2019 A Back Squat (5x5)*work up to 75-80% of 1RM B TabataStrict HSPU*scale: Kipping HSPU / Plate HSPU / Box HSPURKBS (70/53#)Double Unders*8x, :20 on / :10 off*score: lowest rep count C Accessory WorkDB Floor Press (3x8)Renegade Rows (3x10)Bird Dog Holds (3x:15 each

WEDNESDAY November 6, 2019 A Accessory WorkSingle Arm DB Shoulder Press (3x8 each)Weighted Reverse Lunges (3x10)Heavy Goblet Walk (3x2LOG) B 10 min AMRAP:5 Power Cleans (115/85#)10 Toes to Bar15 Wallballs (20/14 #)- immediately into - C Death By:5 Butterfly Situps*reps go up by 5 (5, 10, 15

TUESDAY November 5, 2019 A Muscle Up Practice:Ring Muscle Up Turnover + Ring Support Hold (3x3+:10)Candlesticks (3x5)Ring Kips (3x5) B 24 min EMOM:1st:15 Double Unders (20 Singles)5 OHS (115/85#)2nd:15 Double Unders (20 Singles)3 Muscles Ups (Bar/Ring)*scale: lower rep count or 5 C2B Pull-ups3rd:15 Double Unders