Ian Kanemoto

Ian Kanemoto


CrossFit has shown me success and failures. It has taught me more than how to physically move my body and how to clean up the pools of sweat left behind. CrossFit has improved my mind-muscle connection and strengthened my communication skills to better form long-term friendships. I have learned to stay disciplined, to adapt to what is in front of me, and to always preserver through tough situations. I am glad to have found Signal Hill and so many positively encouraging strangers in my second year of college. Although my parents ushered me through community sports like basketball, cross country, and taekwondo as a kid, I was looking for something to get my fitness to the next level. After turning away from ultimate frisbee, intermural sports, and archery, I found CSULB Club Rugby and became hooked instantly. One thing that stood out to me was the community-based camaraderie that floods the malicious braul during a match. Someone once told me that it is much harder to quit on each other, like a teammate, spouse, or lab partner, than it is to quit on yourself. Much like a rugby team, CrossFit exposes everyone’s technical flaws individually. Much like the CSULB rugby team, CrossFit is a safe-place for athletes to improve proper performance wherever level of fitness they are currently at. Much like a family, we at CFSH celebrate wins together as much as we pick each other up from setbacks together. It is something I did not know I needed until I tried it out.
We, CrossFit Signal Hill, run a judgement free and positive class environment and keep members organized throughout their time here. Because our members range from competitive to recreational athletes/drop-ins, I tend to run classes looser and more social while still providing appropriate feedback to those when necessary. My hopes for every person who walks into CFSH’s door is that they can find the same excitement that they had when playing on the playground as a kid. Whether it’s the playground, a sports game, a lifting competition, it pays off to confidently move well and enjoy it at the same time. Become your best self!

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