Jenni Sawday

"CrossFit got me back to my pre-pregnancy weight"

Jenni Sawday
Jenni Sawday

CrossFit has gotten me back to my pre-pregnancy weight, gotten me loads stronger, happier and in love with a thrice a week hobby. I also don’t get tired in the afternoons anymore and I sleep way better. And lastly I can do mundane chores much easier because after counting in a CrossFit AMRAP, you can endure anything.

I was nearly 200lbs when I started and whittled my way down once I went full paleo to 123 lbs and a size 4. I am still a size 4, but have gained muscle since then. I weigh about 145 lbs now still wearing the same outfits. It’s all muscle baby!

My advice to a new member of our family; JUST GO! The coaches are great. The members are great. It works and if you are tired of how you are, this regimen is exactly what you need.

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