Tawny Johnson

"I’ve lost over 60lbs since joining CFSH and am still going!"

Tawny Johnson

My brother in law came to visit us from Spain and was in to CrossFit, he found your website and said CFSH is a good one to go to.   So I checked it out and the rest is history! CFSH has given me confidence in myself to know that I can push myself to limits I never knew I had before.   Going to CFSH is not something I “have” to do, I “want” to do for myself to make me the best I can be.  I learned that food is not a reward, but fuel to drive me.  What I put into my body, fuels my body to help obtain the results I want.

I’ve lost over 60 pounds since joining CFSH and am still going!  My short-term goals are to continue to build muscle, get more PRs, and continue leaning out.  Long term goals, be the best me I can be, continue to challenge myself and complete a Murph RX!

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